Youth v. Millenia

I stopped by Pinnacles Youth Park, just north of Columbia yesterday. What a gorge-ous (ahem) little gem of natural beauty! Above are some photos I shot (sorry for the glaring date/time stamps).

I did what might technically be called "scrambling" to get up to the ridge. I'll call it scrambling, as that word makes me sound more youthful than to use a more accurate description, like scuffling, crawling, or dragging myself up the rock.

Acrophobe that I am, I nonetheless did "climb" (again, maybe exaggerated) the namesake rock formations, and found the view and breeze worth all the effort. I doubt I'll ever get the Wife up there, but with some supervision I think it's a really spectacular place to take the kids. Those uninterested in climbing can nonetheless enjoy the scenery from below and cool their feet in the stream.

"Ascribe greatness to our God, the Rock!"


shane griffin said...

this is where i almost got eaten by the biggest snapping turtle in my life. Don't ever assume that what looks like a boulder in a flooded creek really is a boulder in a flooded creek. It might attack you after you jump on its back. Also, this is where I trapped by a copperhead. I had to use my packing bag and t-shirt to get it out of my way!!!! I love this place!

Pilgrim said...

I thought of your copperhead story as I climbed up to the peaks! I did see a black snake up on the ridge, and a crayfish in the creek, but no nasty snappers or copperheads.